Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Fleet Management?

A.Fleet Management is a complete mobility solution for corporates.

It involves:

  • Analysis of a company's existing fleet, car policy, vehicle requirements and investment potential

  • Expert counseling on the fleet composition and acquisition resulting in considerable savings and optimum fleet efficiency for the company

  • Implementation of innovative leasing options thus freeing customers resources from non-productive assets

  • ALD’s proactive maintenance program through authorized repairers helps control & reduces costs through reduction in downtime, optimal fuel consumption, special warranties

  • Take care of all the administrative work and related hassles so that the company need not deploy its valuable resources

  • Management of fleet including maintenance, accident handling and insurance management with value added services like round the- clock emergency road side assistance, replacement vehicles and chauffeurs on request

  • Fleet resale at the end of the contracted period

Q.Why ALD Automotive?

A. ALD Automotive is the largest vehicle leasing & fleet management company in India and a part of ALD International Group owned by one of the world’s best rated bank-Société Générale. With a solid Industry experience of 60 years, you will get all the necessary advice and support that you need from ALD Automotive India team.  We have a dedicated team in India to provide you with quick support and accurate service 365 days a year by phone/emails.

We provide the following:

Consultation: We try to understand our partner requirement – driving patterns, fuel consumption, usage types, holding periods etc and advise them on the best available choice. With growing number of car models available, it is critical that the decision is influenced not only by internet , companies or advertisements, but by unbiased experts who will create savings for you.

Financing: Our mission is to put your dream car at your doorstep in the most effective and cost efficient manner; lease financing is the ideal tool for the same. Our financing method (lease) includes various schemes and options within such schemes, which have been developed, based on consumer demand parameters. In addition we also provide sale and leaseback (car owned by you can be converted into a lease arrangement).

Insurance  & Maintenance: Our tie ups along with in house expertise allows us to provide you better insurance cover and maintenance plans that will be best suitable for your requirement; moreover, the entire expense on insurance and maintenance throughout the period you own the car, it removes uncertainties and fluctuations resulting from unforeseen accidents / events. Our insurance and maintenance plans are not only cost effective but include special managed services like warranty management, claim renewals and claim management, etc.

Value Added Services: Whether it is a 24x7 helpline service or a replacement car or pick and drop from your doorstep to the workshop – we provide all such services. Our tie ups with OEMs, auto-dealers and other ancillary service providers on a pan India basis ensures that you are always at ease. It is a complete hassle free driving experience for you.

Easy Exit/Re-lease/Buy: At the end of the lease term, we help you in case you want to return the car, or you want to extend your lease period or buy the leased vehicle.

Q.Why Leasing?

A.Vehicle leasing is a great idea for all businesses no matter what kind of a requirement you have. Vehicle Leasing gives you a financial and operational freedom and helps you to grow your business. When you lease a business vehicle, we estimate its resale value on the basis of the lease term and the monthly usage that you opt for. We deduct the estimated resale value from the original price of the vehicle when calculating the monthly lease rental. You only pay for the value of the vehicle that you actually use. The vehicles are leased to you for a specific tenure along with the management of all services associated with the fleet like servicing, maintenance, insurance, damage repairs, breakdown assistance etc., for a predetermined lease rent. ALD Automotive offers vehicle acquisition and management solutions that deliver significant cost savings, reduced administrative hassles, increased productivity and risk mitigation.

Q.How leasing works for me?

A.Outsourcing fleet management will provide you more time and resources and frees you of risk at the same time. The choice of leasing period will be entirely yours and we will deliver you exactly what we promised. Since ALD Automotive will own the vehicle, we will bear all the related risks.

We will:

  • Advice you with the car policy that will match with your organization’s requirement
  • Manage your fleet and provide services
  • We are committed to deliver our promises

You may lease a vehicle from 1 year to 5 years depending on your need. During this period enjoy driving the vehicle, while we maintain it for you. Pay a fixed monthly lease rental, with no surprises, that includes the cost of the vehicle, accessories, insurance and maintenance.
When you lease a vehicle, you only pay for its use. The expected resale value of the vehicle is deducted from the original price of the vehicle and you only pay for the depriciation cost. Simply return the vehicle at the end of the term and lease a new car.

Q.How does it benefit my balance sheet?

A.Lease is an off-balance sheet expense that does not impact your credit worthiness. It also offers tax benefits and comes bundled with a host of conveniences like pick & drop service, replacement car, 24X7 breakdown assistance and insurance.

Today, more and more organizations are switching to vehicle leasing and management services as it gives them the ability to focus on their business while enjoying well maintained vehicles.

Q.What is RV (Residual Value) and how they Impact the quote?

A.The value of the Car at the end of the tenure is called Residual value. ALD takes the Residual value risk based on various market intelligence reports and analysis.

Residual Value plays an important role in determining monthly rentals.

E.g. If the price of the car is Rs.100 today and the residual value stands to be at Rs. 60 after four years, your monthly rental will be calculated on Rs.40 (Rs.100 - Rs.60 = 40).

Q.What happens at the end of my tenure?

A.These are the following options that can be availed at the end of the tenure:

  •     Return the car
  •     Extend the lease period
  •     Buyback option

Q.What happens if I leave my Company in the middle of the Lease Contract?

A.There are two options:

  • If the employee is joining a firm which is a existing client of ALD, lease rental can be transferred to that new company subject to NOC from the employer and acceptance of the same with the new company
  • The contract can be terminated by paying the difference between the Foreclosure Value and the Highest Resale price at the time of termination and the contract stands terminated immediately

Q.What is the contract period?

A.Contract periods generally range from 1 to 5 years duration and for an estimated number of kilometers driven as per the flexibility of the client.

Q.What is covered under Maintenance? Any exclusion?

A.Maintenance includes all periodic services and repairs as may be necessary for the specific tenor and the mileage.

Vehicle maintenance services exclude the following:

  • Fuel and additives
  • Interior Cleaning, polishing, anti-rust treatment, Teflon coating, flat tyres and parking
  • Additional accessories, fitments, repairs or consequential repairs arising out of such fitment on the vehicle, not originally fitted by the manufacturer (accessory fitted by an authorized dealer(s) is also part of the exclusion)
  • Any repairs resulting from abnormal use of the vehicle, failure to follow the manufacturer’s handbook and service book, faulty use (lack of oil, driving with a warning light on cluster unit/ without observing dashboard meter, etc.) or a problem due to poor fuel quality or a fuel error

Q.What happens when the vehicle goes in for servicing and does not return by evening? Do I have to make alternative arrangements?

A.For normal service repair and maintenance, if a vehicle is detained in a workshop beyond a day, ALD shall provide a back-up / relief vehicle the following day, in certain selected cities as specified in the relevant vehicle lease contract. This shall not apply to accident, damage repairs, theft or total loss cases unless specified in the supply conditions in the vehicle lease contract.

Q.What happens in case the vehicle suffers a breakdown within the city or outside the city limits?

A.ALD offers 24x7 emergency breakdown services in over 150 cities in case the vehicle is immobilized on the road. Even if your vehicle suffers a breakdown outside the normal coverage area, we will do our best to try to reach out to you.

Q.What happens in the case of total loss/ theft of the vehicle?

A.Theft or Total loss, the employee shall obtain from the nearest police station a copy of the (“FIR”), a No Trace Certificate (if applicable) from the same police station, all documents, original keys (with duplicates) and information to be provided to ALD as may be required.

Q.What if I have other service related queries/feedback?

A.Give us a call on 1800 209 5353 or email us at

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