An efficient alternative to auto loans; vehicle leasing is a one stop solution for all your vehicle needs.

Owning a car involves complicated procedures from dealing with the car dealer, maintenance workshops, taxation, insurance company, etc. Vehicle leasing service centralizes these procedures and helps to significantly reduce administrative work and time along with financial advantages, comfort and flexibility.

Why ALD Automotive?

Unline other fleet management companies, ALD Automotive offers a variety of flexible solutions tailored to suit your business. We offer end to end vehicle leasing services from helping you decide the vehicle, financing, procurement, insurance premiums, maintenance, inspections, accidental repair, substitute vehicles and much more under one roof. Focus on running your business, and let the experts at ALD manage your fleet.

Why own a Motor Vehicle Fleet?

Are you paying the high cost of ownership and management of your motor vehicles, with a depreciating asset that requires costs in administration, funding, risk on disposal and impacts on your return on investment/assets?

A Sale and Leaseback with ALD Automotive can remove this cost of ownership and allows you to focus on your core business. Sale and Leaseback enables you to sell the current fleet to us, providing immediate capital for use in the business, without impacting on current funding lines as it is off- balance sheet. It provides immediate management of the fleet, consolidation of fleet running costs into a single monthly payment, cost control and reduces risk on disposal. 

What is an Operational Lease ?

An Operational Lease is a rental agreement, based on 'usage' rather than 'Ownership' of the Car.
Lease Rental is calculated only on the Depreciated Value of the Vehicle + Additional Services opted for.


Special Benefits With Lease:

  • Fixed Monthly Rent:- Pay just a monthly fee inclusive of vehicle cost, accessories, road tax, insurance and maintenance


  • Pay for what you use- Genuine cost savings as lease rental is calculated based on car’s usage, and not on its entire value


  • No Maintenance worries:- We take care of service requirements as well as accident management and 24/7 breakdown assistance


  • Value added convenience:- Hassle free Insurance Claim Settlement


  • No down payment :- Greater liquidity as there is zero upfront cost of acquiring the vehicles


  • Pick up & Drop:- Free Pick up & Drop Service


  • Effortless Resale:- Zero Risk of Resale


  • Replacement Car:- Replacement Car * in case if a breakdown


  • Term Extension:- Flexibility on term extension


*T&C Apply.

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