Do you need more time to focus on your core business? Choose our long term car rental solution and let us take care of everything.

You simply select your vehicles, decide what support you need, and let us do the rest.

An Operational Lease is a rental agreement, based on 'usage' rather than 'Ownership' of the Car.

Lease Rental is calculated only on the Depreciated Value of the Vehicle + Additional Services opted for


ALD has products suitable for all requirements.

A. Regular Lease: Pay Only For What You Use

■    The Resale Price of the vehicle, 4 years hence is calculated

■    The Depreciated Value is calculated by subtracting the Resale Price from the Purchase Price

■    The Depreciated Value is then divided by the total tenor (in months) to arrive at the Monthly Lease Rentals 


B. SMART Lease: 5% reduction in RV, higher Lease Rentals, more Tax Savings

■ The Resale Price of the vehicle, 4 years hence is calculated

■ The Resale Price is then reduced by 5% hence the Depreciated Value increases

■ The increased Depreciated Value is then divided by the total tenor to arrive at the Monthly Lease Rentals, which is on the higher side, resulting in better Tax Savings



C. SMART PLUS Lease : Profit capping by 5%, lower Lease Rentals, best Buy Back Value  

■ There is a cap of 5% increment on the Resale Price

■ The Bidding Price at the end of the tenure is shared with the Customer. Even if the Market Price of the vehicle is more, the customer still pays for the agreed Resale Price

■ If the Market Price is lesser than the agreed Resale Price, then also the customer pays for the Market Price only


What is included?

  • An agreed contract term and total mileage from each vehicle
  • Your choce of associated services - from maintainence to roadside assitance - all designed to make your life easier
  • Risk free end of contract options
  • We calculate the expected resale value risk 
  • If you want to keep the car you can opt to buy it at the end of the contract if you wish 

The benefits of full service leasing with ALD Automotive :

  • Improved Productivity - All your car drivers can focus on their day-to-day activities knowing their vehicle requirement are in the hands of professionals
  • No up-front cost - We handle the vehicle purchase so there is no need to tie up capital to get your vehicle fleet on the road
  • No hidden extras - Your fixed monthly rental cost automatically includes a full fleet management service We are also completely transparent about possible charges such as excess mileage to avoid any surprises
  • No financial risk - We take full responsibility for vehicle depreciation and resale value
  • A partner your can trust - We negotiate the best rates with dealers and service providers so you always get the best deal
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