Partnering with 'United Way Mumbai' to create better drivers

Partnering with 'United Way Mumbai' to create better drivers

Did you know that around 17 people die every hour from traffic-related accidents in India? This means that lakhs of people lose their lives in road accidents every year. In the past decade, 50+ lakh people have been seriously injured or permanently disabled and 10+ lakh people have been killed in road accidents. Yet, road safety is a subject that has not been given significant attention in India. 

That's why, there is a need for an initiative to spark a change. To make people realize the importance of road safety, so that we can create a generation of sensible drivers. People who can pave the way to a safer future.

Conducted by United Way Mumbai, the 'United for Road Safety' project is one such initiative. To spread awareness about the importance of road safety, ALD Automotive has partnered with United Way Mumbai to support their 'United for Road Safety' project. The initiative aims to address various aspects of road safety in RTOs across Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The kick-off is scheduled to be held at Thane RTO on 7th July 2022.

The objective is to equip the drivers and riders to be safer and responsible while on road. Through these sessions, we aim to reach out to 600 people in each city. 
The event is divided into 3 sessions - a pre-test, a 45 min presentation, and a post-test session, to gauge the knowledge gained from the session. 

The topics being covered in the training are:

  • Know Your Vehicle
  • Control Indicators and Equipment
  • Basic Operation
  • Braking to a Stop
  • Preparing to Ride/Drive
  • Safe Rider/Driver 
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Rules of the Road
  • Risk and Risk management
  • Basic Street Strategies 
  • Special Riding/Driving Situations
  • Rider/Driver Impairments
  • Speed and its consequences
  • Use of Mobile Phones
  • Helping Accident Victim 

About United Way Mumbai:
United Way Mumbai is a non-profit organization that aims to bring people together - NGOs, companies, individuals, and government agencies - to work towards improving community conditions.

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