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ALD Ugo - Drive without interruptions

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ALD Ugo - Drive without interruptions

Taking into account the scenario of employment separation, ALD Automotive have come up with a product called ALD UGO. This blog explains how it benefits the new employer as well as the employee for easy and efficient transfer of business vehicle leasing.

Most employees who are eligible for business vehicle leasing often fear using leased cars, as they might have to end the contract abruptly after leaving the organization. Even if they are eligible for business car leasing, they would not opt for this, as they are unsure of their tenure with the organization and early termination of lease is accompanied by certain charges, which are seen as a burden. To address this concern, ALD Automotive, one of the leading fleet management companies in India, has come up with a unique offering known as ALD Ugo. 

ALD Ugo provides the employee with the flexibility of taking the car to his/her next job. It means that the employee doesn’t need to surrender the car when they leave their current job. It is an innovative product offering, whereby even when the employee wishes to switch the employer, they can continue driving the Ugo car. 

Moreover, it is a simple and better way to drive a car without the need to take a loan or rely on one’s savings. Simply put, ALD Ugo is a three-way contract between the employee, the employer and ALD Automotive, that lets one lease a brand new car of your choice, at attractive lease rentals.

It is rewarding 

Helps the employee save taxMonthly lease rentals are deducted from the employee’s pre-tax income, paid directly by the employer to ALD. These payments lower the employee’s total taxable income, which leads to lower payable tax. 

It is hassle-free 

Comes with no worries*Complete servicing of car and accident claims are taken care of by ALD, because the Ugo car is always insured and regularly maintained. 

It is flexible 

Follows the employee to their next jobIf the employee wishes to switch their job, they do not need to terminate the contract. The contract will be simply transferred onto their next employer, or the contract can be continued between the employee and ALD (subject to the individual clearing a credit check). 

Other benefits of leasing with ALD Automotive: 

  • No down payment 
  • Upgrade to a new car every 3-5 years 
  • Book your car maintenance appointments, manage your insurance claims, get lease quotations for different cars and more, on the My ALD app
  • 24x7 roadside assistance 

The process to get an ALD Ugo car is very simple and convenient: 

  1. Check if your company car policy entitles you to a car.
  2. Get attractive quotes for different cars through ALD’s relationship manager for your corporate, or on the My ALD app. 
  3. Decide on the mileage and tenure requirement. 
  4. Sign the contract and you will have the keys to your new car, in no time.