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Defensive driving training at the heart of safe corporate mobility

Defensive driving training at the heart of safe corporate mobility

The most dangerous part of an employee's day is when they are on the road. Indian roads have always been a tricky affair when it comes to following road safety regulations. With as many as 4,37,396 road accidents recorded across India in 2019 (as per NCRB data), road safety is one of the prime concerns for corporates like you, to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees.

Over the years, there have been many technological advancements coming from manufacturers, and improved rules and regulations by the road safety authorities, that strive to make the roads safer. But eventually, it all comes down to how the driver behind the wheel approaches his or her driving. About 81% of all road accidents are caused by lapses in human judgement. Due to which arises the need to promote Defensive Training and Road Safety initiatives which are ideal to inculcate safer driver behavior behind the wheel thereby reducing accidents.

Defensive Driving Training and Road Safety Program - for a safer corporate car fleet.

As India’s leading car leasing company, at ALD Automotive, we keep the safety of our clients and their employees at the center of everything we do. Hence, we take safety to the doorstep of our clients through the Defensive Driving Training and Road Safety Program, in partnership with Safety Circle - a leading health and road safety organization. Over the past many years, numerous top corporates have associated with the Defensive Driving Training program bringing their employees and operations closer to safety.

Defensive Driving is a technique that utilizes safe driving strategies to enable motorists to identify and address hazards in a predictable manner, thereby making the roads safer for all. The Defensive Driving Training (DDT) Program is centered around road safety, safe driving tips and simple, yet conscious steps one should take, to prevent mishaps and to make driving a safe and pleasurable experience at large.

Listening isn't the same as learning. Which is why, ALD's DDT program is interactive, practical and hands-on, involving multifarious activities, demonstrations and animations over the course of the workshop.

The 4-hour workshop, led by a DDT expert, begins with a Skill Assessment Session which evaluates drivers' vehicle and traffic knowledge, as well as their driving, perceptual and risk recognition skills. The program further delves into defensive driving techniques, such as the need for driver's safety, the concept of 3-second rule and anti-collision techniques, as well as how to drive in adverse driving conditions and manage emergencies. It also highlights the perils of overloading, distracted and aggressive driving and road rage.

The ‘At-The-Wheel’ session takes them through the different things to keep in mind before starting out, and the different road conditions and responsibilities of the drivers, as well as knowledge of the vehicle and basic maintenance.

The workshop emphasizes the idea of seeing the road as a 'shared space', used by many other people, and respecting their rights and freedoms. This central theme forms the core of defensive driving, which is put into practice by following the traffic rules, signs, signals, road markings and etiquettes.

Backed by the success of this initiative over the years, at many leading corporates, the DDT program has proven to be a great value-addition for companies looking to build safer fleets, and to promote road safety amongst their employees.

What does road safety mean for your business?

For any organization, the safety of their employees is paramount. Accidents mean a significant threat to their safety and a great loss of both time and money. Every fleet manager looks to ensure fleet integrity and vehicle uptime, while complying with health and safety regulations. A tailor-made Defensive Driving and Road Safety Program brought to you by ALD Automotive, in association with Safety Circle, can tick all the right boxes to help you build a safe company fleet for your business, and to promote road safety among your employees.

Reducing risk via proper driver training, profiling and competence analysis can go a long way in ensuring safer operations. Needless to say, the safer the drive, fewer the accidents, which in turn means lesser work time lost and higher productivity.

Take your first step towards a safer company car fleet today. Reach out to your ALD Key Account Manager to know more about the Defensive Driving and Road Safety Program.