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Don’t be in the grey about employee safety. Keep them safe in foggy weather.

Don’t be in the grey about employee safety. Keep them safe in foggy weather.

The winters make for one of the trickiest weather conditions to drive in, for both new and experienced drivers. While foggy roads mean one needs to be cautious, it shouldn't be a dampener for business.

To this end, you can ensure a safer commute for your employees and sales team, by keeping them informed of these simple tips to stay safe on the road in these challenging conditions.

Prepare, and be aware

Maintain an emergency car kit with flashlights, warm clothing, jumper cables and a functional first aid kit. Check the car lights and ensure they're working fine. Keep the front and rear windshield clean, and switch on the windshield defroster if need be, to ensure better visibility.

Caution is key

Everyone finds it difficult to maneuver a car in dense fog. Keep a safe distance and watch out for pedestrians and slow-moving traffic. Due to low visibility, reaction time increases considerably, hence, anticipate and maintain safe distances. 

Visibility is important

Fog lights are necessary to ensure better visibility. If the car isn't equipped, stick yellow cellophane paper on the headlights. Use the headlights on low-beam, be it night or day, to avoid other drivers being blinded, as high beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the fog, making it harder to see. Always ensure the tail-lights and rear fog lights, if equipped, are on, so that other drivers can spot the car easily and maintain a safe distance. 

Control is critical

In winters, the roads can get slippery. So, drive slowly, keep a safe distance, and avoid overtaking. Also, pay attention to the condition of tyres. Traction is the key to turning and effective braking, which can really help avoid serious mishaps. 

Skip Cruise Control

Keep complete control of the car. When cruise control is turned on, the car doesn't slow down with friction on the road. It's constantly accelerating and giving the driver lesser control of the braking system. And in foggy conditions, it's hard to anticipate what's coming up in front of the car. So, if visibility is limited, don't use cruise control, and wind down the windows on junctions and turnings to listen and anticipate approaching traffic. 

The most important tip, however, is to stay indoors and avoid driving if visibility is indeed too low, until it is safer to resume the journey. 

For assistance, if stuck in the middle of the road, we are always available with our 24x7 roadside assistance service. For repairs and damages, service appointment can be sort by calling on our toll-free emergency assistance number 1800-102-8100, or through the My ALD app. At ALD Automotive, we put the safety of our partners and their employees first. With safe mobility at the center of our efforts, we continually bring to you safety tips to follow while driving and Defensive Driving Training and Road Safety Program - for a safer corporate car fleet.