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Hassle-free leased car maintenance & repair services. Here’s why your enterprise needs it.

Hassle-free leased car maintenance & repair services. Here’s why your enterprise needs it.

Every corporate that operates at scale, needs to minimize non-core processes, so that employees can focus on productive activities. Having to deal with the service, maintenance and repair considerations of your company cars, involves resource allocations, which can otherwise be used for activities that drive growth directly. This is where ALD Automotive’s no-distraction leased car maintenance & repair services help simplify your business efforts. Focus on business productivity - Move leased car maintenance & repair service to our specialists.

As with most fixed and movable assets, maintenance is a crucial activity for businesses to enable peak productivity and preparedness. For corporates that have a high number of field staff and commuting employees, efficient car fleet management and maintenance becomes imperative. 

ALD Automotive offers business vehicle leasing with distinct benefits. Besides being a highly cost-efficient solution versus purchasing a vehicle outright or on loan (which brings along increased cost-of-ownership in the form of time and resource deployment), leased car maintenance & repair services provide an end-to-end, no-distraction advantage.

What does this mean for your business?

  • No paperwork: From assigning service tasks to ensuring vehicles are picked up, serviced and returned, employees or business managers won't have to undertake the burden of lengthy processes.

  • No service supervision: Your employees or fleet managers won't have to oversee any of the servicing or repair work undertaken on your leased company vehicles. ALD Automotive staff handle all the workshop interactions and follow-ups.

  • No negotiations: Whether it's with insurance representatives or workshop technicians, ALD Automotive representatives will manage all negotiations on behalf of your enterprise.

  • No surprise costs: All service-related payments are covered under your comprehensive monthly lease payments. So, you can stay ahead of your fleet maintenance budget at all times.

  • Hassle-free maintenance and repair booking: Both individual drivers and fleet managers can book service appointments directly via My ALD App and web portal

Besides the no-distraction service, there are significant advantages that come with ALD's leased car maintenance & repair service. As one of the leading car leasing companies in India, our best-in-class service ensures your business benefits from:

  • Scheduled check-ups: We ensure your vehicles receive timely checks as per the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedules. Fluid and oils are topped up, belts, tyres, wipers, lights and electricals are checked. This helps in staying ahead of any major issues and brings your employees a hassles-free ride. Consumables like fuel additives, additional cleaning and washing if required, premium services like seat dry cleaning, Teflon coating, polishing, anti-rust treatment, accessory additions, or normal running actions like flat tyre/ puncture repair, parking and tolls and damage due to faulty use, can be availed at an additional cost.

  • Timely repairs: Mechanical and critical components are repaired as soon as any wear and tear are observed. This ensures that your leased company cars continue to operate smoothly.

  • Replacements: Tyres and batteries require to be replaced after vehicle-specific durations due to wear, fatigue or deterioration. ALD Automotive’s leased car maintenance & repair service covers these replacements, providing your business with reduced overhead spikes. 

  • Priority services: ALD cars are provided preferential and high priority treatment at our network service centres.

  • Year-round support: Our dedicated team provides quick support and accurate services 365 days a year. 

  • Business Continuity Planning: We ensure uninterrupted operational and customer service support even during emergencies, via our fully implemented BCP.

  • ALD Expertise: Our expertise in the mobility industry translates to lower maintenance and repairs costs for you. Our service and repair experts look into each job and help optimise your costs by keeping unnecessary replacements at bay. 

“At ALD, every effort is made to ensure that service standards are maintained well above benchmark levels, to bring you a hassle-free company car leasing experience. We are officially certified with ISO 9001:2015, a mark of the quality services we offer. As a reliable mobility partner, we go the extra mile for you, always” says Rakesh Bajaj, Director of Operations, ALD India.

To ensure the highest standards, ALD Automotive’s full-service leasing utilizes manufacturer-authorised service partners, for all company leased vehicle maintenance activities.

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