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How business vehicle leasing can keep your employees happy!

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How business vehicle leasing can keep your employees happy!

The success of your business is directly proportional to the productivity of your employees. Business car leasing gives you a way to save a considerable amount of money, which you can spend in other realms like employee management. This article highlights the importance of keeping your employees happy.

When it comes to car leasing, many companies have already shown immense interest by shifting from buying a fleet of vehicles to leasing them instead. Not only does it help cut down the costs, but it also offers other benefits to the organization such as no financial risk, no hidden costs, and improved productivity. But, there’s much more to business vehicle leasing: interestingly, it also turns out to be beneficial to the employees. 

A business can run efficiently, only if every decision linked to any realm of the business is taken, considering the aspects of profit, customer satisfaction, as well as employee satisfaction in mind. Indeed, profit-making and customer satisfaction undoubtedly lie at the core of the functioning of any company. However, there is no possibility of customer satisfaction, if the organization’s employees are neither motivated nor productive enough to provide fulfilling results. So, the role played by employees at all levels is equally vital, and more or less drives the business. Here is how corporate car leases have helped organizations keep their employees happy and become the reason for enhanced productivity: 

Tax savings 
The employee’s vehicle lease is directly deducted from the salary, before tax. This results in a lower taxable income, thereby reducing the payable tax amount. 

Access to better, latest models 
At the end of the lease contract, the employee is given the option to either upgrade to a new car. This means that with business car leasing, employees have access to new car models with advanced safety features and high-end technology, without paying the actual price of the new models. 

No maintenance issues 
Maintaining leased cars is made simple for employees, as car leasing companies ensure that they take care of that aspect themselves. So, employees can opt for maintenance services and keep their vehicles up-to-date, at any point in time, without having to bear the hassle of actually doing it. 

Pay per use 
The best thing about corporate car leasing is that employees are not required to pay for the entire value of the car. In fact, they are only supposed to pay for how much they use the carfor. So, basically, they pay as per their usage. 

Monitoring with innovative tools 
Many reliable car leasing companies provide the end-user with useful tools that help them monitor their vehicles with just a few clicks. At ALD Automotive, we provide your employees and your fleet managers with My ALD India App, which makes the task of monitoring their vehicles more convenient. It includes a variety of tasks, including maintenance appointments, getting quotations, tracking the contract, and managing claims. 

Fulfilling an insurance scheme 
A reliable business vehicle leasing and fleet management company ensures that they provide the employees with the right insurance policy for their leased car and the service of managing the renewal of it. The insurance is directly included in monthly lease rentals.

To sum up, instead of buying a fleet of vehicles, go for business car leasing. This will ensure that your organization not only saves a good amount of capital but also offers the aforementioned benefits to the employees, thereby keeping them motivated and highly productive!