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How corporate car leasing is changing the face of business

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How corporate car leasing is changing the face of business

Companies can save a good amount of capital if they go for a corporate car lease, instead of buying new vehicles for their employees. Besides, car leasing companies also ensure businesses get to choose the best option, with advanced safety features and the best technology that fit one’s specific business needs. Read more to know how business car leasing has changed the face of business.

Instead of buying a fleet of cars, business vehicle leasing is a better option for your organization. It will not only cut down your business expenditure but also give you the chance to invest more money in other realms of the business. Corporate car leasing companies are surely changing the way organizations spend their capital. Not only that, a corporate car lease can be beneficial for your organization in many other ways. Here’s how business vehicle leasing has changed the face of business: 

No point of investing in a rapidly depreciating asset 
In the first five years, a newly purchased vehicle might lose as much as 60% of its initial value. So, it is prudent for a business not to spend its capital buying new cars. Instead, lease a fleet of cars for your business. It doesn’t involve any lumpsum down payment nor capital investment. Besides, the monthly fixed rental that the business pays is tax deductible. And in the case of employee separation, it is sometimes possible to transfer the lease to new employers. Thus, the business can channel its money that’s saved, back into the business, or invest it into other rewarding portfolios. 

Access to better vehicles with advanced safety features 
Most car leasing companies offer a vehicle upgrade option. So, the business has access to better vehicles with the latest safety features every 3-4 years, thereby giving them more valuable mobility solutions. 

A variety of flexible lease plans 
Vehicle leasing companies provide organizations with flexible durations and mileage, so they can choose the best one that fits their specific fleet requirements. Businesses can also choose lease plans based on fuel consumption, a wide range of car brands, and also some extra services to have the perfect tailor-made contract.

Reliable partners that businesses can trust 
A car leasing company takes care of all the car requirements that the organization has, so they can pay more attention to the core activities of their business. Plus, it ensures that the organization gets the best deal by thoroughly negotiating the best prices with service providers and car dealers. 

Value-added services to organizations and employees
Car leasing companies offer a comprehensive range of value-added services that include fleet management services, web-based reporting tools, safety programs, global account management, cashless repairs and maintenance, and roadside assistance. Businesses also benefit from emergency breakdown services in select cities in the country, via dealerships as well as service centers owned by various automakers. 

So, the option of a corporate car lease not only helps organizations cut down their expenses significantly but also offers a hassle-free, fulfilling experience to them, by giving them many value-added benefits and flexible lease plans.