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How to drive employees to take up car leasing.

How to drive employees to take up car leasing.

Today, more than ever, businesses need economical mobility solutions that reflect their empathy towards employees, and value their safety and well-being. A company car leasing policy can bring your employees closer to a stress-free commute - a personal car, without the pressures of a bank loan or a dent in their savings.

That being said, fleets all over the world are embracing leasing as a mobility option. With businesses looking to optimise their mobility, driving employees to take up car leasing could be a total game-changer for both the business and the employees.

Here's a quick guide on how you can motivate employees to take up car leasing. Have a read. 

Safer Commute

A personal car ensures safety and reduces the risk of travelling in public transport. Even in a cab, there's always someone who's been on that very seat, before your employee gets in. A feeling of safety can go a long way in keeping worries at bay, helping them focus and work better. 

Lesser financial stress

With car leasing options such as ALD Ugo - a tripartite lease contract - your employees can make the most of the financial benefits their leased car comes with. With zero down payment and a pay as per usage policy, car leasing turns out to be much easier on the pocket, than purchasing a personal car. 

They only need to pay for their time with the car and don't have to worry about its depreciation, or the hassles of resale once they're done. 

Tax Benefits

With the monthly lease rentals coming from their pre-tax salary, paid directly by your company to ALD, your employees can benefit from a lower taxable income. This means tax savings of up to 30% and a much happier wallet. 

Value-added Services

Leasing a car via a mobility partner such as ALD brings your employees a host of value-added services such as maintenance, insurance, 24x7 roadside assistance, doorstep pick-up and drop, and more - all this, through the easy-to-use My ALD Driver App, making their time with the car hassle-free, and enjoyable. 

Freedom and Flexibility, and Rewards

At the end of the day, employees are looking for a sense of freedom and flexibility. Some employees refrain from leasing as they have a misconception that when they switch jobs, they’ll have to terminate their lease by paying a huge sum. A lease like ALD Ugo brings them the much-needed flexibility, right from their choice of car, model and colour, to easy upgrades or transfer to their next employer, if they choose to switch their job. 

That being said, being offered a leased company car can drive a sense of gratification in your employees. A car leasing policy could be a way for your business to attract, reward and retain the best talent. 

All in all, car leasing can be a well-rounded mobility solution for your employees. A hassle-free, pocket-friendly car leasing experience can go a long way in ensuring your employees remain happy, stress-free and productive.