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Like your seatbelt, never forget these things while managing your corporate car fleet

Like your seatbelt, never forget these things while managing your corporate car fleet

You are constantly taking steps to ensure that you look after your employees - who are an integral part of your business. Apart from introducing meaningful company policies, you have to make sure that once implemented, you manage these policies efficiently to make the most of them. Similarly, when you chalk out a corporate car lease plan for your employees, there are many things you must consider in order to implement this plan seamlessly with your car leasing service provider. So, what must you keep in mind while managing your car fleet?

Choice of vehicles

  • Evaluate and re-evaluate the purpose of your car fleet. Before you go ahead and choose a car, take your time to decide the usage expected out of your car fleet. This will help you select a car that is suited best for your needs. If you need a car to enable your employees for local and short-distanced use, choose a smaller car. This can help you reduce costs, commute easily within your locality and eventually prove to be a smarter leasing option.

  • With the onset of environmental consciousness, you may want to consider choosing Electric Vehicles (EVs) for your corporate car fleet. Opting for a green fleet aids you in many ways. Not only do you reduce your costs, but you also cut down on your fuel emission. This leads you one step closer to becoming an environmentally friendly business, which would only further better your brand image amongst your customers.

Managing your costs

  • One of the most effective ways of keeping your expenses in check is to start small. Educate your employees about daily, smart driving habits. Small steps from their end can help reduce fuel consumption and cut down costs. You may also consider introducing fuel cards for your employees. Fuel cards are essentially used for payments for fuel, gasoline at gas stations. Such fuel cards enable you to receive updates on purchases and be informed of the expenses. One of the ways to go about with it is setting purchase limits on these cards and eliminating unnecessary, extra expenses.

  • While you would want to encourage the use of Electric Vehicles amongst your employees, the lack of infrastructure (like charging stations) might seem like a hindrance. However, you can still do your part in pushing for a green fleet by facilitating the necessary infrastructure in your parking lots and office buildings. You can introduce charging stations within your office premises.

Scheduled responsibilities

  • While you want to take care of the larger responsibilities, you must not forget the easiest ones. Make sure all the monthly lease rentals are paid on time. Any delays will cause unnecessary hassles to you, your car leasing service provider and your employees.

  • Ensure that your car fleet has passed the PUC test successfully and have acquired the certificate.

  • Ensure timely arrangements for the maintenance and repairs of the car fleet. Help your employees connect with the service centers provided by your car leasing partner.

  • While you help your employees get assistance for repairs, you must also maintain a schedule of the warranties. Having an up to date servicing database makes it easy for you to keep track of the vehicle's health and usage.

  • The car leasing company may have laid down certain parameters for the usage of the car. You must not neglect to ensure that these parameters are met. These include any restrictions on the usage of vehicles or limitations on the distance the user can take the car to.

Managing a car fleet becomes easy when you have all your bases covered. We at ALD Automotive will be by your side at every step during your car leasing journey. Now, you can implement and manage your car fleet successfully and avail the best car leasing benefits for your company and employees.