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Safety tips you should follow, while driving

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Safety tips you should follow, while driving

Other than providing organizations with the convenience of business vehicle leasing and effective fleet management, it is equally essential for a business car leasing company to ensure their clients' journey is smooth. Here, we share some safety tips that one should keep in mind, while driving.

Business car leasing gives you the joy of driving a vehicle with advanced safety features, without pinching your pocket. It is convenient and comes with several benefits, like no extra costs, fleet management services, and better cash flow. However, as a reliable and leading business vehicle leasing and fleet management company, we at ALD Automotive, not only cater to an organization’s specific fleet requirements, but also strive to ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable yet safe ride. 

Road accidents have been one of the major causes of death, all over the world. India ranks first when it comes to the number of deaths due to road accidents, according to the World Health Organization, accounting for 11% of the road accident deaths all over the world. Although, the frequency has reduced over the past few years, owing to the introduction of advanced safety systems embedded in vehicles and strict traffic laws imposed by the government and local authorities. However, people still act irresponsibly while driving, and sometimes do not pay attention to the negative consequences of rash driving. So, it all boils down to how responsible you are as a driver, regardless of the vehicle you are driving. 

Here are some safety tips you should follow while driving, to make sure your journey is smooth yet safe: 

  • Pay attention to your fitness quotient 

Always ensure that you are physically as well as mentally fit before getting into the driver’s seat of any vehicle, even if you feel confident enough to drive. Do not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. It takes only a millisecond for a disastrous situation to take place, if you are not careful or attentive enough. 

  • Distribute the load proportionately 

If you are carrying too much luggage, ensure that all the bags have been placed in a way that the load is distributed proportionately in the vehicle. Even a slight bit of imbalance can cause a serious accident, if the load is distributed unevenly. 

  • Take breaks during long journeys 

If you are going on a long journey, ensure you take a break every 3 hours, just to stay rejuvenated and mentally active throughout the journey. Long journeys can be exhausting, which can lead to absent mindedness while driving.

  • Put the hazard warning lights on in traffic

Put on your hazard warning lights while you are stuck in traffic jams, and switch on the vehicle headlights while driving at night, so that you can see the path clearly. It’s advisable to dip your headlights when overtaking another vehicle for safety, since bright headlights on high beam might shine too bright harshly in the driver’s eyes, at night.

  • Do not be distracted 

Do not use anything or pay attention to anything else that might distract you while driving. Avoid talking/ texting on your mobile phone while driving. Even the slightest bit of distraction can lead to a risky situation. 

  • Drive foresightedly 

Always be proactive while driving. Pay attention to what is coming ahead and around you on the road. Alter your driving speed, based on the weather conditions. For e.g., if it is raining, you must switch on your headlights, use the windshield wipers, avoid sudden, heavy braking, and drive at a speed lower than usual. Or, if it is snowing, you are not only required to drive slowly, but also accelerate as well as decelerate very steadily and safely. 

  • Do not drive on an emergency track 

Emergency tracks are for emergency vehicles, like an ambulance or a fire truck. So, never attempt to drive on an emergency track. If you are not making way for emergency vehicles, you are required to pay a fine of Rs 10,000/-

  • Check for any faults or malfunctions, before driving 

Always maintain your vehicle well. Check for any faults or malfunctions before getting into the vehicle, no matter how short the journey is. Your car should always be in the perfectly functioning condition, while you are driving. 

  • Use turn signals and follow traffic signals 

This is the most common safety tip, but unfortunately, it does not seem to be regularly practiced by many motorists. Use turn signals while mtaking turns, and follow traffic signals with utmost honesty. 

  • Pay attention to speed limits

If the path is quite wavy or risky and consists of speed limit signs, obey them diligently and drive carefully. 

  • Check that kids wear their safety belts 

If you are travelling with children, ensure that they are wearing seat belts and the child locks have been activated. Children falling in the age group of 6 months to 4 years should always wear a firmly fastened safety belt, while in a vehicle. Also, children up to the age of 7 should not travel in the front seat. 

  • Ensure safety of pets

If your pets are in the car, ensure that they are in well-built transport boxes that are properly attached. Or, if you want them to feel the breeze, ensure that the seat belts are firmly fastened, to avoid any untoward incident with your pets. 

For your own safety as well as the safety of other passengers travelling with you, it is important for you to carefully follow these safety rules. 
We are always available for you with our 24x7 roadside assistance services. Following these simple tips will help you enjoy your journey without worrying about the vehicle, the safety of people you are with, as well as your own safety. 

So, be safe, drive smart!