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The future of Indian corporate car mobility is green.

The future of Indian corporate car mobility is green.

The Indian automotive landscape is a classic example of a market that has gone through sweeping changes over the years, to evolve as a key player in the global automaker's agenda.

From the early Ambassador Classic days to the compact Maruti 800, to today's diverse and luxurious models, Indian roads have seen it all. In 2020, we are at a tipping point. We have a past that boasts of the widest range of vehicles - from 2-wheelers to 4-wheelers, HMVs, LMVs, and SUVs. But today, we are looking at a future that supports a mobility ecosystem that is sustainable, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and yet suits all our mobility needs. The future of mobility looks promisingly electric.

The REVA - a small, compact car that eased its way through traffic - was the first glimpse of an electric vehicle we saw on Indian roads, back in 2001. Since then, it has been a long journey for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the Indian market. Although electric mobility is still quite nascent, early adopters like some ride-hailing and ride-sharing companies have ventured on to provide an environmentally friendly, convenient and cost-effective mobility solution to commuters.  

In India, there is significant promise in setting up the infrastructure needed to sustain an electric vehicle fleet. From tax benefits to slashed registration costs to huge incentives that attract investments into charging infrastructure - all these policy decisions under the Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Electric Vehicles (FAME- II) guidelines are providing a push to build the ecosystem today, in order to reap the returns tomorrow.

Here's why you should add the 'e' to your corporate car fleet, soon.

Electric vehicles are a huge step towards making our world a better place. From cutting down on carbon-emission based pollution to making the city air safer to breathe, adopting an EV policy is a significant step towards becoming a responsible company. With more and more millennials emphasizing their desire to work for socially responsible companies, an electric company car fleet ticks all the right boxes for your business.

Investing in electric charging stations in parking lots, providing employees with the option to avail of an electric company car, or even switching to an in-campus electric mobility system (for large corporate campuses) are steps that greatly influence your stand as a company that cares about the environment, and the wellbeing of the people you associate with.

With an over-reliance on fossil fuels to power cars today, the push for making transport 'electric' comes at a time when the whole country is looking for cheaper, cost-effective and cleaner alternatives. If reducing your carbon footprint lies at the center of your CSR plan, then encouraging employees to use EVs is one of the best ways to achieve that milestone.

The electric car industry will soon take the country by storm. By becoming an early adopter, you can firmly establish your company as future-facing, ready to embrace change and one that stands a ground for greater good. These are some key factors to the success of any company and are starting to dictate whether customers and employees choose to associate with you.

While many things need to fall in place for EVs to become the new normal, it is up to the stakeholders to drive the effort to make electric mobility a viable, cost-effective solution.

Making electric mobility a reality.

The shift to electric fleets can be made easier with car leasing. Leasing backs the eco-friendly benefits of the EV with an economical, hassle-free corporate car leasing partnership. Because when you lease, you don't have to worry about maintenance and insurance hassles, and neither do you suffer from the vehicle's value depreciation.

While many new electric car models are hitting Indian roads very soon, you can check out possible leasing options for Tata Nexon EV and Hyundai Kona Electric models with ALD Automotive today.

At ALD Automotive, we believe in creating a better tomorrow. And that means going the extra mile, today.