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The wheels of the Indian automotive industry have started rolling again

The wheels of the Indian automotive industry have started rolling again

Now is the time to invest in a personal mobility option, here's why.

With the onset of the Coronavirus, almost every industry in the nation has taken a hit - the automotive industry being no exception. However, after seven months of lockdown, we're seeing a growing demand for mobility solutions once again. The industry, unlike many others has dusted itself off and began its upward climb in demand and retail sales. It has begun to shape itself in favor of newer models and tailored services to facilitate a safer journey for you and commuters alike. Overcoming the impending uncertainty in the market, the sector looks very confident towards its constant growth to provide you with cars more suitable for today's time. Here are some key aspects that have moved hand in hand with the industry stepping forward.

A shift to self-drive options

The new times have shifted the focus from cars being perceived as a luxury to being seen as a necessity. Personal hygiene and safety have taken the front seat, and as a result, the ability to maintain hygiene and comfort has boosted trust in personal cars. So much so, even companies are preferring their employees travel individually in their private vehicles to avoid contact in public transport or shared mobility. 

Newer models on the rise

Car companies have begun to make newer models specific for your changing needs and safety. Ranging across price brackets and offering a variety of features, these upcoming models are seeing a growing appreciation from customers around the country. Hyundai has launched the new i20 which comes with a renewed design as well as improved mechanics. With its newer technology and features, this car has created quite the hype. Nissan's Magnite is the new SUV that is arriving in the market. With a bold look and premium features, the car facilitates easy driving and parking for you. The German car-maker Audi is also set to launch S5 Sportback. The company plans to introduce a petrol variant to cater better to the Indian market. 

As you can see, a number of manufacturers have managed to use this opportunity and cashed in on the new demand surge.

Manufacturers look to expand their horizons to reach you

Manufacturers know that your current preference lies towards more cost-effective models. Hence, they are now looking to cater to a wider range of customer needs - by launching newer models in existing and new segments. Take MG Motors for instance. They're now venturing beyond their traditional SUVs, into the sedan class of cars as well. Luxury car makers understand the demand of the hour and it does not happen to be a car posed as a status symbol. Reason why they have now started to alter their approach too. BMW is in the process of launching its most affordable sedan - the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe which will be available in 2 variants and 6 colors. Mercedes Benz has introduced the Mercedes Benz ECQ, the first luxury electric SUV. This is a bold step that provides a high-quality, along with a smooth and comfortable ride. Following its lead, luxury car makers Audi and Jaguar too, are in process of launching their electric cars Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace in India soon. Skoda has plans to launch an India specific mid-size SUV, Vision In, followed by a mid-sized sedan. Skoda aims to create a stronghold in the Indian domestic market with this in the upcoming years. What this means for you, is that in the coming days, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting yourself a new ride. 

Festive aid to industry growth

In a country like ours, the festive season marks a huge increase in sales for automakers across the spectrum. And despite the lockdown, this year is seeming no different. Starting from Navratri, all the way to Diwali, there's been a significant spike in the number of car deliveries made. With special bookings and deliveries requested on auspicious days, the festive season has brought a welcome wave of sales. In fact, many companies saw the same amount of sales, if not more, than the 2019 festive phase, a pre-Covid market. Plus, the long-awaited festive offers and discounts on cars and accessories have helped buyers put their pens to the dotted line. We are, after all, a value-driven population.

Car leasing makes a lot more sense today

The new wave of distancing has brought about massive changes to company policies and sales methods - digitization. It's possible to finish the car procurement journey, all the way from finding reviews to getting the best deals and even paying for it, online. This is a trend that seems to be here to stay. But along with this growing trend, there is another trend on the rise - car leasing. In trying times like these, and with the uncertainty of the market, job security and an inimitable need for personal vehicles, car leasing seems to be the solution for today. It comes with a lot of benefits, most of which are more relevant today than ever before. No large down payment. Contact-free procurement. No maintenance and insurance hassles. Higher savings. More tax breaks. Fixed rentals. No loss through vehicle depreciation. The list is lengthy. Also, catering to a new market of customers - first time car buyers - who are compelled to get their first car in these times, leasing saves them from the hassles of ownership and simplifies the processes to a great extent. 

"With the newer phase of not only the World, but also the automotive sector as well, we are providing an ideal option for safer and smarter travel. It is time for car leasing to emerge as people's go to option, as mobility is changing for the best," adds Mr. Suvajit Karmakar, the CEO of ALD Automotive India. 

The best time to get yourself a leased car is now. Because if you're looking to find yourself in the driving seat of a safe and convenient mode of transport, this is where your search ends. You can now choose from an array of new models and upgraded vehicles to suit your needs in changing times.