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Understanding insurance for leased cars at ALD Automotive

Understanding insurance for leased cars at ALD Automotive

Business car leasing can be incredibly favourable for any organization. But, it is important to ensure that the lease agreement includes an equally favourable insurance scheme, so one does not have to deal with unforeseen financial hassles in the future. This blog explains the insurance offered by ALD Automotive, along with its benefits.

Business vehicle leasing can benefit an organization in several ways, like access to the latest models with advanced safety features, enhanced productivity, and lowered expenses. However, uncertainty is constant; so, even a leased car can turn out to be an expensive deal, if the driver meets with an accident while driving, and the leased vehicle is not insured. This is why insurance is a significant aspect of leasing for your organization. It helps you deal with unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances, without the unnecessary financial hassles. 

As one of the leading business car leasing companies in India, we at ALD Automotive, ensure that we provide our clients with car leasing along with highly favourable insurance plans. The sole idea is to give your organization an experience that is devoid of any sort of inconvenience. We strive to offer a car leasing deal that meets your specific fleet requirements, by protecting the people who use the fleet as well as your organization, throughout the course of the lease.

There are several tasks that we carry out under our insurance schemes, which include arranging the ideal insurance cover for your vehicles, ensuring roadside assistance at any time of the day, dealing with the insurance company on your organization’s behalf, and renewing the insurance each year. In addition, we regularly follow-up with workshops when your vehicles require servicing, and manage the payment for your organization. With our insurance schemes that are exclusively curated to meet the organization’s fleet management requirements, we will: 

  • Save your time by outsourcing the insurance policy management.
  • Offer you a pleasing, cashless experience by including the insurance cost in the fixed monthly rental. 
  • Assist the driver in reporting damage or repair claims. 
  • Prioritize your fleet/ vehicle’s repairs or servicing in the workshop, as per the agreement. 

The scenarios that our comprehensive insurance plans cover include accidents, fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, house-breaking, theft, earthquakes, malicious acts, terrorism, riots, strikes, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, cyclones, and transit by rail/road/air/water. 

So, if you opt for business car leasing at ALD Automotive, you will not only be able to reap the benefits of car leasing and our maintenance services, but will also get great insurance plans. Whenever you require any immediate support or come across any damage to the vehicle, you can call our toll free emergency assistance number on 1800-102-8100, or contact the ALD customer care team via My ALD. As you get in touch with us, all you must do is specify the current status of your vehicle, so that we can figure out what appliances we should bring, to help with your insurance claim.