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Why corporates should equip their field employees with leased cars?

Why corporates should equip their field employees with leased cars?

We live in unprecedented times. We were not trained or taught to live in lockdown, or run a business of handshakes with a cushion of space in between. We were used to bumping shoulders, and moving on with a gentle smile. Well, not anymore.

The Coronavirus has impacted every aspect of our lives. It’s changed the way we eat, work, spend, and worst of all, travel. But life doesn’t stop. And neither should work. Times like these call for a change in the way we think. It demands special provisions for employees, especially the ones who can’t work from home – like sales and servicing professionals. These employees are your feet on the street, meeting customers, pitching plans, the bag on their shoulders full of either brochures or spanners. They’re working tirelessly in different fields to ensure that the nation doesn’t come to a halt – from pharmaceuticals to agriculture, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing and even after-sale services - all of which rely on healthy mobility. Which is why, it has become imperative that they commute safely.

Now, you can ensure they do, by providing them with a company car. We know that procuring a fleet of cars and managing it on your own can be a taxing affair, especially when an organization needs a large number of vehicles. Which is why, we suggest that you count on the experts and consider car leasing, which is a cost-effective way to keep your field staff on their feet. Leasing a car comes with a wide range of benefits for both, the businesses and the employees who drive it.

It ensures smooth and efficient business

Finding public transport is no small feat today, but that doesn’t mean you should put a freeze on your service division. Customers will always need support, and giving your employees a company car would help them conduct their services smoothly and in a timely manner.

It’s safer than any other form of commute

No matter how safe a cab may be, there will always be someone who’s been in it before your employees. This uncertainty alone is enough to make employees nervous. When your employees aren’t worried for their safety, they can think better. They’re more confident about themselves, and more likely to make a good impression in front of your customers.

It helps boost employee satisfaction

In these unprecedented times, employees would be delighted to have a car for their commute. They will appreciate the gesture, and remember that their company cares for their safety. A measure like this can foster loyalty among them, and their smiles will eventually reflect in your bottom line.

Customers see you as a good company

Today, customers are getting increasingly aware about social conditions. And they judge a company by the way its employees are treated. Letting your employees show up at their homes or offices in a car will help establish your good conscience in their minds.

For all these reasons and more, a leased car has become an indispensable tool for trade, and undeniably the need of the hour. And one such available lease is ALD Pro, which is designed specially to ensure better mobility for your field staff. If you would like to find out more or know how you can get it for your teams, contact your local key account manager.