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Read through the most common myths and misconceptions people have about leasing.

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If you have more queries, you can go through the additional questions below.

1. Leasing with ALD Automotive

- How to have a tie-up with ALD Automotive?

- What is the process to lease a car with ALD Automotive?

- How is the rental lease calculated? 

- What are the possible contract periods? 

- Can I lease a car directly with ALD Automotive as an individual?

- Can I choose the make and model of the car I want to lease?


2. Maintenance and repairs

- How do I arrange for the maintenance of my car? 

- How do I request a repair / maintenance / service via My ALD? 

- What are my responsibilities regarding the maintenance of my car? Do I have to immediately do the repairs on my car?

- What should I do in case of an accident or breakdown?

- Am I entitled to a stand-by car when my car is off the road due to an accident or a maintenance work?

- What happens if my vehicle is deemed a total loss as a result of an accident, or is stolen?

- Can I arrange my own appointment for the maintenance / repair / service of my vehicle? 

- Where can I check what work has been carried out on my vehicle?


3. During the contract

- Can I change my contract terms? How should I inform you of any changes in my contact details? 

- What happens if I leave my company in the middle of the lease contract?

- Does the monthly lease rental payment change during the lease period?

- Can I take my leased vehicle if I move to a new town in a new state?


4. Insurance

- Is ALD Automotive including an insurance with the leased car?

- I had to pay some repairs myself at the workshop, how do I get it reimbursed by ALD Automotive?


5. End of contract

- What happens at the end of my contract?

- What happens if I have driven more than the budgeted mileage at the end of tenure?

- What is the acceptable wear and tear of the car when I give it to ALD at the end of a contract?


6. How to contact us 

- My company is in a tie-up with ALD Automotive but I don’t have a leasing contract yet, how do I contact you?

- I am a driver with a leasing contract from ALD Automotive, how do I contact you?

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