What is the process to lease a car with ALD Automotive?

If your company already has a tie-up with ALD Automotive:

  1. Check your eligibility with your company to know if your employment policy entitles you to a car.
  2. Choose the car you want, with the help of our innovative tool: My ALD Quote. With My ALD Quote, create and compare your own quotes, till you find the car that best suits your budget, location, mileage and duration expectations. If you need help, our dedicated team of experts is here to help you at any step.
  3. Once you set your mind on a car, your company signs the contract with ALD Automotive. You and your company will need to send us signed documents, and then we will order the car specifically chosen and personalized for you! You will be informed of the delivery date of your vehicle, all you have to do is relax while your dream car is on its way.
  4. The keys of your car are waiting for you! Come, pick them up and start your leasing experience by downloading and signing in to My ALD India to manage your car and your lease contract. Time to enjoy the ride!


If your company doesn’t have a tie-up with ALD Automotive as yet:

If your company is not one of our clients yet, send us a message via the contact form and give us the details of the correct person to contact, either the Head of HR / Admin / Finance team. We will get in touch with them to explore the possibility of partnering.

To get on boarded, here is the list of documents we need:

  1. 1. Pre-sanction stage: KYC documents; incorporation documents; ownership structure; annual report / ITRs (audited duly signed for the last 2 years with notes to accounts); bureau check declaration form (wherever applicable).
  2. Post-sanction stage: Master Lease Agreement; Board Resolution / Power of Attorney; conditional documents (if any).
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