What is it?

ALD Pro is a specially designed lease for service-led businesses across categories - like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, manufacturing and new-age e-commerce. 

To ensure better mobility for your field staff or sales and service representatives, we provide an optimum selection of high-mileage fleet. 

Why choose ALD Pro?

There can be a lot of hassles involved in vehicle procurement and management, especially when an organisation needs a large number of vehicles. And although it may seem prudent to reimburse employees for the running of their personal vehicles on company time, a commercial lease for company cars can be very cost-effective. Because reimbursing the employees basis their usage for office work is a time-consuming process for both, employees and employers alike. Additionally, when employees use their own vehicles, companies have no control over the image of their fleet. But leasing helps create a good image for the company and even enables them to place their branding on it. 

We understand that every service, field or sales employee, becomes the face of a company. They drive revenue, retain customers and build their confidence. Theirs is not a desk job. It’s physically tougher, which is why it’s important to give them safe and comfortable working conditions. And with ALD Pro, you can, at a minimal cost increase. 

What are the benefits?

Drive better efficiency from on-ground teams by saving on commute times.

Take control of driver safety, by providing latest models with comprehensive insurance. A full-service car lease also ensures the entire fleet is well maintained, thereby reducing breakdowns on the job and downtime for business.

Don’t bear the loss from depreciating or non-performing assets and allocate resources to core business functions. The lease rentals being deductible in the Profit and Loss Account further help in keeping balance sheets healthy. 

Manage expenses better. A company fleet dictates beforehand, how much employees’ commute is going to cost every month. This helps simplify and contain conveyance and travel expenses.

Motivate employees by giving them a car basis performance or designation and make their lives simpler, by reducing their burden of collecting receipts, submitting bills and filling out reimbursements. 

Look better in front of customers. When your employees visit customers in a car, they are seen in a more professional light, making a good impression and increasing the chances of getting their business. 

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