Save time, save money. 

We know that time is a valuable resource for you and that is why we developed the Door to door service. With this service, we will handle all your vehicle-related operations, and you won’t have to move a finger for it.

We will come to pick up your car at a location and a time convenient to you, and we will drop it to the workshop on your behalf. Once the job is over, we will get back the door to your doorstep. All you have to do is to require for the Door-to-Door option when you book the service of your car.

This option is available for:

  • Delivery of the car when the contract starts, and return of the car when the contract ends
  • Routine maintenance
  • Irregular repairs
  • Tires and battery replacements

For more information, refer to the ALD User Guide

Your safety is our top priority. Hence, we have enhanced the sanitation measures for the door to door service, so that, you get the safest servicing experience whenever you book one. Our video below tells you more.


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