Relief Car

Keeping the mobility of your drivers is our priority. 

At ALD Automotive, we understand that your time is precious. We created ALD Relief Car in order to support the management of your mobility, allowing you to focus on what is truly essential to your business. In case your vehicle is held immobilized somewhere, we can provide a replacement car, till the time you get yours back.

This option in your contract entitles you to a relief car in the following cases :

  • Maintenance and repairs service where your car is held in the workshop more than 24 hours.
  • Unforeseen event, such as breakdown, accident, lost/stolen keys.

What are the benefits?

  • More time: to focus on what is truly essential, your business
  • Convenience: no need to wait to get the car back, you stay on track
  • Quality: service provided by qualified professionals


For more information, refer to the ALD User Guide

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