ALD Carmarket

The fast and effective way to buy cars professionally.

ALD Carmarket is our professional platform for resale of used cars and light commercial vehicles, specially targeted to used car dealers. Buying a used car from ALD means buying a car in excellent condition, that has passed every inspection and has a complete service history. There are pictures of the cars to prove it! 

Each month, the platform features 250 to 300 ex-lease used cars for sale that have been rigorously selected by our experts. Our used cars are between 12 months to 48 months old, which have generally had only one previous registered user. With ALD, it’s easy to make an online purchase without worry, as we have you covered.

We offer 3 types of sale:

  • Auction: Manual or automatic bid online, with the best bid winning the vehicle.
  • Tender: Buyers make closed bids, ALD selects the best offer and awards the vehicle.
  • Fixed Price: All buyers are able to click on a vehicle and purchase it instantly.

Please Note: We do not charge any kind of enrolment, registration, service fees for traders to become a part of our traders panel.

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