Lease rentals have never been easier and more transparent.

Your goal as a fleet manager? To conclude the most advantageous lease contracts. That's why you ask for offers from several companies. These offers are generally based on two parameters: the duration of the leasing and the mileage. But what if a parameter changes? The price of the monthly lease also changes.

Choose our Optiflex matrix option when you sign your contract and generate all the duration-mileage costing combinations. This way, you know all the eventual price variations, right from the start.

No more nasty surprises!

What are the benefits?


You want to shorten the leasing period? Or increase the mileage? It is possible and the price is already calculated and provided to you right from day 1. Nearly 500 possible combinations of duration and mileage: an exclusivity in the leasing sector!


You know today what you will pay tomorrow, in case of early termination.

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