Move 2025: Embracing a resilient mobility ecosystem to drive global leadership

Move 2025: Embracing a resilient mobility ecosystem to drive global leadership

ALD Automotive's new 5-year strategic plan – Move 2025, aims to position ALD at the heart of a constantly evolving mobility ecosystem. The strategy lays out a roadmap to bring a competitive edge to the company, in order to become a fully integrated sustainable mobility provider and the global leader in the mobility industry.
Move 2025 is the journey towards realising the transformation ALD began 5 years ago, by maximising the advantages of exciting opportunities in the medium and long-term future.


The plan outlined in Move 2025, stands on four strategic pillars, which set the foundations for strengthening the company's competitive edge, over the next 5 years:

  • Move for Customers – Be recognised for innovative mobility products and services, made possible through digitisation, customisation, flexibility, exceptional customer experience and a unique mobility brand. 
  • Move  for  Growth – Emerge as the global leader in providing sustainable mobility solutions by extending geographical coverage and customer reach with new partners in the mobility ecosystem, value-accretive acquisitions, and new mobility solutions.
  • Move  for  Good – Stride forward towards a better future, with people and corporate social responsibility at the heart of the business.
  • Move for Performance -  Drive economical and sustainable company growth by generating value over the economic cycle, within a robust business operating framework.

These ambitions will translate into four key deliverables, aimed at leveraging existing strengths, as well as powering sustainable growth.

  • Growing the resilient full-service leasing & fleet management business and maximising growth potential and reach by expanding its geographical presence further, targeting up to 50 countries, by 2025. 
  • Shaping value-added mobility solutions to match ever-evolving customer expectations, through digitisation, flexibility, prioritising shared, connected, multi-modal and sustainable components. 
  • Driving investment in digital capabilities to support digital ambitions via an incremental budget of EUR 66m, over the next 5 years. Aim to build customer obsession at all levels of the organisation, to bring the customer more flexibility and a unique mobility experience. 
  • The future of mobility is electric. Be it for passenger cars, or LCVs, we are ready to make the most of the electric mobility opportunity with our TCO-based approach, all-inclusive EV offering, targeted EV partnerships and the global EV Programme. This is driven by a commitment to transforming 30% of our new contracts to EVs by 2025, to achieve an above-market average. 

ALD looks to bring you the best of mobility via this new leg in our journey towards being the global leader in the mobility industry, while shaping a sustainable and responsible future. At the core of our effort is, and will always be, customer satisfaction.

Now, more than ever, we are ready to move you!

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