Why Leasing

Why might you lease a fleet instead of buying? A decision made easy with car leasing by ALD Automotive!


icon-2  It’s beneficial for your organization, with...

No up-front cost

We handle the vehicle purchase so there is no need to tie up capital to get your vehicle fleet on the road.


No financial risk

 We take full responsibility for vehicle depreciation and resale value.


No hidden extras

Your monthly rental is fixed and we are completely transparent about possible charges such as excess mileage to any avoid surprises.


A better investment

Your overheads and administration costs are reduced, meaning you can use your capital for a greater purpose.


An improved productivity

All your car drivers can focus on their core activities knowing their car requirements are in the hands of professionals.


A partner you can trust

We negotiate the best rates with dealers and service providers so you always get the best deal.


icon-1  It’s also beneficial to your employees, with...   

Tax savings

The lease payment comes from the pre-tax income, paid directly by the employer. A lower taxable income = a lower payable tax!


Pay per usage

They only pay for how much they drive. Meaning: they don’t pay for the entire value of the car, they only pay for the depreciation value of it. 


An innovative tool to monitor their car

Booking maintenance appointments, managing claims, getting a quotation and tracking their contract: everything is a fingertip away on My ALD India app.


Easy upgrades

Option to upgrade for a brand new car after every 2 to 5 years, at the end of the lease contract.


An all inclusive insurance

Directly integrated in the monthly lease rentals, our insurance will cover the vehicle all along the lease contract. From choosing the right insurance policy to claim handling and its renewals, we manage it all.


No maintenance hassles

Opt for our maintenance service and get their cars running smoothly year round, with a minimal implication needed from them.                                                                    


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