24*7 Roadside Assistance

No problems: only solutions. Whatever happens, we are here for you.

Road accidents, breakdowns, stolen or lost keys: all are unfortunate inevitabilities of running a fleet. And when it happens, you need help to keep moving – and you need it fast.

If your car is immobilized in a perimeter up to 100 km away from your residence, ALD Automotive offers 24 hour emergency breakdown services in over 750 cities. And even if your vehicle suffers a breakdown outside the normal coverage area, we will do our best to reach out to you and get you back on the road!

Whenever possible, we will always do our best to arrange assistance by our trained service providers to solve the problem on the spot. But if the problem cannot be solved at the roadside, we will organize and pay for the towing of your vehicle to the nearest ALD preferred supplier.

If you have opted for a Relief Car Plus service, we will provide you with an immediate replacement car to keep you running smoothly.

Documents to download

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Roadside Assistance Guide

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