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A Tailor-made consultancy team, to answer all our clients' challenges

A Tailor-made consultancy team, to answer all our clients' challenges

The mobility industry around the world is facing a real transformation coming from numerous reasons: powertrain choices have become more complex than ever; countries’ legislation are in a constant move and changes of taxation regarding fleets have become the usual; new technologies are pushing always further the vehicles capacities; and drivers are also more demanding toward their mobility than ever before.

Unfortunately, companies running a fleet don't always have the resources needed to overcome such challenges. We, at ALD Automotive, perfectly understand it and we have never been afraid to go the extra mile to support our international clients in their path towards fleet optimisation and sustainable mobility. In this objective, we have decided to reinforce our consultancy team.

Two new senior consultants have joined the Business Intelligence & Consultancy Group:

- Anne Chidiac, joined ALD Automotive in 2015 and with a considerable experience in Finance and IT. She has recently implemented the company’s new accounting platform.

- Benjamin Huvé, previously an International Sales Manager and now expert in the complex art of managing efficient fleets across the world.

The Business Intelligence & Consultancy Group is based at our corporate headquarters in Paris, and is led by Benjamin Daels, Head of Head of Consultancy & Product Development, International Key Accounts. The mission of the strengthened consultancy team is to source and coordinate internal expertise across ALD Automotive and all its branches. The philosophy is not to give generic advices and white papers, hoping to have one answer for all widely different clients’ challenges. No, the real philosophy is to address our clients’ concrete issues with a targeted in-house expertise.

To do so, all the efforts of the Business Intelligence & Consultancy Group will be put to deliver and develop the best solutions related to 4 strategic priorities as identified by fleet manager clients. These are:

  • Cost optimisation
  • Alternative powertrain shift
  • Safety
  • Mobility

What is the process for the consultancy team to help clients? It is a 4-step approach:

  1. Identify clients’ needs and requirements
  2. Perform a 360° analytical study with input from key stakeholders
  3. Build and propose potential scenarios for discussion
  4. Help implement the solution and measure results post-implementation to ensure that return on investment has been achieved

The Business Intelligence and Consultancy Group has been working to adopt the 4 pillars approach in all mature markets to bring a consistent consultancy, and they are now looking to enlarge the consultancy approach across Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa. By doing so, the goal is to build bridges across the Group and its global 55 countries offices, for the benefit of our clients.

In a rapidly evolving mobility environment, we know at ALD Automotive how important it is to ensure that a company’s fleet strategy is exactly the right fit for the company’s needs. In order to face critical issues of course, but also to identify new opportunities which could help them optimise their business as appropriately and efficiently as possible.