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Is personal car the safest mode to travel to work in a post-Covid world?

Is personal car the safest mode to travel to work in a post-Covid world?

Covid has changed our lives in unthinkable ways. It has brought both individuals and businesses new challenges, fears and even some opportunities. This is particularly evident in the automotive industry. The automotive industry is a resilient one. Even before the pandemic, the auto industry was facing herculean challenges. But the industry was quick to adapt to changing conditions, with innovation leading the charge. Driverless cars, car-sharing, and electric vehicles are all products of the industry's adaptive nature, which have become increasingly relevant in a world that's still coming to terms with the effects of the pandemic. Among these adaptive, flexible solutions, one stands out car leasing. Car leasing helps businesses and individuals stay on top of their ever-evolving mobility needs. Safety, flexibility and cost-efficiency form the very core of any successful business operation. Car leasing brings businesses these advantages, and more.

Let's explore why car leasing might well be the perfect mobility solution for businesses and individuals alike, in the post-pandemic world.

Adapting to a new normal

Covid has changed the way we travel. Public transport is now a high-risk and cumbersome affair. When you lease cars for your enterprise's fleet, or offer salary packaged cars to employees, it enables a safe and stress-free commute to and from the workplace. 

No more relying on dicey public transport schedules, no more missing deadlines and no more worries about safety while on the road. Since the cars you lease from ALD come with maintenance and service assurance, you can ensure that your field staff and employees are driving the safest set of wheels, always. 

Digital processes in an online world

The world has moved online. People and businesses are increasingly moving processes online, especially procurement and purchases. In such a world, car leasing companies like ALD Automotive enable seamless digital processes. Right from browsing a wide range of cars, to selecting ones that best suit your enterprise and employees' needs, to even generating a quote and finalising the deal - everything is now just a few clicks away. 

Not only does this cut out unnecessary delays, but it also reduces the running around and investment of resources in procuring a corporate car fleet or salary packaged cars for employees. 


Cars are an essential part of any business operation. In times when moving around has been tough, businesses and individuals need to ensure they stay on top of their mobility needs. But purchasing a car is expensive. Buying blocks valuable resources and capital, which can be put to better use. Leasing on the other hand comes with zero down payment, and a host of cost benefits that help businesses use their valuable resources for core, return-generating activities. For employees, leasing becomes a pocket-friendly option, as it comes with easy monthly lease rentals that are tax-deductible and drive home tax savings of up to 30%!

Safe Services

Today, people are more conscious of the smallest interactions. Proper precautions in dealing with different people and service providers are a must to ensure safety from contracting the virus. Which is why at ALD we ensure the highest safety standards when you interact with our employees for any service. 

In fact, we believe you and your employees shouldn't have to run around in circles to avail of our services. Your leased car comes with access to the My ALD App and Web Portal - for easy service and maintenance bookings, MaxBot - the friendly chatbot and much more. Services like 24x7 roadside assistance and relief car are now at your fingertips, always. We also bring you the best insurance cover for your cars and handle the claim settlement process from end to end. So, you get nothing less than 360-degree safety. 


Upgrading to better technology is the only way to keep up with the changing needs of your enterprise, and the challenges you face. This is especially true for your car fleet. When you buy, you're stuck with a depreciating asset, the resale hassles of which also adds to the overall stress of owning a car.  

When you lease, you get the flexibility of easy upgrades. So, at the end of your contract term, you can upgrade to the latest cars by simply returning your current cars. This way, you're driving the cars in the prime of their life and aren't stuck with a blob of metal once they're past their best years. 

Building an image

In a post-covid business world, enterprises need to lead with a strong image. Reliability and trust are the cornerstones of successful businesses. Your employees driving into a client meeting in a well-maintained leased car speak volumes for your business. It shows that your enterprise cares about its employees while projecting a solid image of your capabilities.

With convenience and safety at the heart of it all, these advantages make car leasing a power to reckon with in a post-pandemic world. Newer lease offerings, partnerships between OEMs and leasing companies and rising adoption are all signs that car leasing is here to stay, grown and becoming the preferred mobility option for many businesses and individuals. 

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