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Tips to use fuel efficiently

Tips to use fuel efficiently

Fuel consumption is one of the major factors when it comes to the net fleet cost. So, it is supposed to be used in a very responsible manner. This blog discusses the ways in which you can avoid wasting fuel and opt for a sustainable driving style.

Sustainability is not only the need of the hour, but also integral for the survival of future generations. As one of the leading business car leasing and fleet management companies in India, we, at ALD Automotive believe in giving our users a hassle-free car leasing experience along with encouraging them to opt for a sustainable driving style. 

Fuel consumption is one of the determinants of the fleet cost; and if the driver does not drive responsibly, it can surely lead to decreased efficiency. So, as a considerate user of a vehicle, one should always try to use fuel efficiently and avoid harsh driving. Here are some tips on how to use fuel in an efficient manner: 

Avoid frequent short journeys 

The engine of a vehicle does not cross its optimum functioning temperature until it spans a few kilometers. So, fuel consumption will always be unusually higher than what it should be on short trips. Try to avoid short journeys, as much as possible. 

Keep a safe distance 

Always try to keep a safe distance because sudden changes in the speed of the vehicle decreases the efficiency of fuel consumption. So, keep your approach to driving defensive in order to utilize coasting phases in an optimal manner. 

Remove any extra ballast 

If your car has a roof rack on top of it, the high-end aerodynamic design is of no use. Fuel consumption is directly proportional to air resistance. So, if you want to cut down on fuel consumption, ensure that your car is devoid of any extra weight. 

Choose the perfect gear 

The standard rule is that your car should be at the 4th gear at 40 km/hr and at the 5th gear at 50 km/hr. So, always focus on the optimum torque and do not try to shift gears too early. 

Keep your driving style consistent 

Don’t alter the speed of the vehicle too often or too much - keep it constant. Always opt for a smooth, consistent driving style. It not only helps you use fuel efficiently, but also protects the brakes, tires, and other parts of the vehicle from wear and tear. 

Check the tyre pressure 

Before you get in the car, check the tyre pressure, as it is difficult and inadvisable to drive with a flat tyre. If your car is entirely loaded, it would definitely lead to increased fuel consumption. Moreover, the more the load is on the car, the higher the tyre pressure should be. 

Alter the temperature

Other than these simple tips, you should also ensure that there is not a big difference between the temperature of the interior of your car and the temperature of its exterior. So, you must alter the temperature of the air conditioner to minimize the temperature difference, as far as possible. 

All these tips can be followed without losing out on the joy of a fun, smooth car ride.