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Fleet Management - Our maintenance services

Fleet Management - Our maintenance services

As the most reliable car leasing company in India, ALD Automotive ensures that we meet our clients’ specific fleet requirements and manage their fleet without any hassle. This blog lists the benefits of our maintenance services, and shows how convenient it can be for your organization to opt for business car leasing with us.

One of the major benefits of business car leasing other than latest car models with advanced safety features, no upfront costs, and all-inclusive, attractive insurance schemes, is that your organization also gets high-end maintenance services, and that too, without any hassle. As the most reliable car leasing company in India, we, at ALD Automotive, not only provide our customers with business vehicle leasing, but also fleet management services. So, your organization gets more time to focus on other aspects of your business, which in turn, leads to improved productivity. Therefore, if you want to opt for car leasing and outsource the task of regular fleet management, check out our range of fleet management and long-term vehicle leasing solutions.

In order to make it convenient for our clients and to ensure ideal quality procedures are implemented perfectly, we always strive to carry out services at authorized service centers.  Here are the facilities that your organization gets under our maintenance services:

  • We book your appointments with our authorized service centers, who take care of your car as high-priority always. In addition, we also negotiate and monitor the services carried out on your vehicle, in association with the insurance offered on the vehicle and the workshop.

  • We perform regular check-ups and controls as per manufacturer recommendations, including top-up of oils, generic check-up of belts, tyres, wipers and lights, as well as tyre and battery replacements.

  • We also carry out mechanical wear and tear repairs, which includes any observable abnormalities and defects. 

As we strive to make business vehicle leasing and fleet management a hassle-free experience for your organization, you do not have to pay extra costs, nor get involved in any sort of paperwork for our maintenance services. However, there are certain items that are not covered under our maintenance services, e.g. fuel additives, extra washing and cleaning, seat dry cleaning, teflon coating, polishing, anti-rust treatment, repairs of flat tyres/ punctures, parking and tolls, repairs due to additional accessories, or any damage due to faulty use.

So, as per the lease agreement, we not only ensure that your organization gets a pleasurable business vehicle leasing experience, but you also get high-end maintenance services without having to worry about it. The concept of car leasing lies in the fact that, it leaves the burden of managing fleet up to a third party , which enables the organization to focus more on other areas and leverage the option of updating vehicles on a regular basis. So, if you opt for business car leasing at ALD Automotive, feel free to shrug off your worries related to fleet management, because we are here to be your backbone and meet all your specific fleet requirements.