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ALD’s 24x7 roadside emergency assistance for your convenience

ALD’s 24x7 roadside emergency assistance for your convenience

As a reliable business car leasing and fleet management company, we make fleet management more convenient and hassle-free for your organization by providing users with 24x7 roadside emergency assistance. Here, we take you through the facilities that fall under our high-end roadside emergency assistance service.

Business car leasing has surely elevated the standards of how corporates operate when it comes to meeting their fleet requirements. Not only does it enable them to save large amounts of capital and focus on other important aspects of their business, but it also makes fleet management hassle-free for them.

We, at ALD Automotive, being one of the leading corporate car leasing companies in India, provide organizations the benefits of a hassle-free business vehicle leasing experience, including access to the recent and best models with advanced safety features and no extra or hidden costs. Other than high-end maintenance and repair services, we also offer 24x7 roadside emergency assistance, as we yearn to be there with you, by your side, assisting you even in uncertain situations. 
Here are the emergency assistance services that you receive from us: 

Roadside assistance and recovery 

If the vehicle requires assistance within the covered area, we’ll immediately arrange assistance for you to solve the problem on the spot; if for any reason, it cannot be done, we will take it to the nearest ALD preferred dealer and pay for the towing of the vehicle. All you have to do, is ensure that you take all your belongings out of the vehicle, as we do not hold the responsibility for any damage to your personal items. 

The vehicle enrolled is covered up to 100 kms away from the user’s residence. If it gets damaged or requires emergency assistance outside of the concerned area, ALD can still assist you, but might charge an additional cost, which is calculated on a per km basis. The crane service is also available, which will attract additional charges in such situations. 

Alternative transport, as per the availability 

If your vehicle is taken to the nearest service center for repairs by our team, we would arrange a taxi for you (subject to availability), and the payment would have to be made by you. We can also provide an urgent message relay service in case of an accident or vehicle breakdown, so you can contact a friend, family member or colleague. Moreover, we can also provide you with a relief car until your vehicle gets repaired completely as we understand how important it is for you to stay on track and focus on your business. 

Adverse weather conditions 

Under extreme weather conditions, like heavy rains, floods, thunder and lightning, snow, storms, etc., we may be unable to reach you. In such situations, we recommend that you reach a safe place first, and then, we can arrange to tow your vehicle, once the bad weather condition has subsided and come under control. 

Key locked within the vehicle 

It would be difficult for us to enter your vehicle due to high-end security systems, if and when the car key is locked inside the vehicle. So, in such a scenario, we would have to tow your vehicle to the closest ALD assistance center. 

Vehicle handover 

In a situation that requires towing of the vehicle, you must be present at the location, since we will require you to sign a release form before we take the vehicle to the nearest ALD assistance center. 

How quickly the roadside assistance provider or a team of assistance providers can reach you will always depend on their availability, the breakdown location, weather and traffic conditions. We strive to arrange for an appropriate service provider to help you as soon as possible, in order to make it more convenient for you. In order to avail this service, you can call our ALD Roadside Emergency Assistance toll-free number 1800-102-8100. We shall not take accountability for any damage or breakdown to your vehicle due to reasons that we have no reasonable control over, for instance, strikes, acts of nature, acts of a public enemy, acts of a governmental authority or any political subdivision or any department or regulatory agency, acts of terrorism, or orders of any court or arbitrary body. 

We not only meet your specific fleet requirements with utmost precision, but also offer hassle-free fleet management, so that you can enjoy the experience with no worries.