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How to be an environment-friendly driver.

How to be an environment-friendly driver.

This World Environment Day, you can do your bit to help save the planet. Just follow these few simple steps the next time you take your car out.

Turn off your engine at a red light, as it helps you save fuel and also keeps your environment clean

Save water by using a bucket instead of a hose pipe to wash your car. This way, your car would be sparkling clean in just 1/10th of the water.

Ensure your car’s PUC is done before its due date. Not only is this officially required by the Motor Laws, but it's one of the easiest ways to keep your car's emissions clean and planet-friendly.

Use the air conditioner only when you really need to. If the weather's good outside, just roll down your windows and enjoy.

When switching cars, opt for an electric or CNG-powered car. This might sound like a big difference, and it is, but not drive-wise. Your car will run just the same, only without the harmful emissions.

Let's do our bit to protect the environment. Drive smart. Drive safe.