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More with Mobility: How employees can benefit from mobility?

More with Mobility: How employees can benefit from mobility?

Mobility. A challenging prospect for fleet managers, but it can also be an easy sale for employees. How do you generate new benefits with mobility for those employees who put a premium on money, time, freedom and sustainability? Read on to know more about a simple, 3-steps solution!

Fleet Managers across the world have started to embrace the concept of mobility. They are moving away from traditional models, such as assigning a company car to each employee or reimbursing them for the use of their own vehicle. Instead, Fleet Managers are providing a monthly “mobility budget” that employees can use however they want: they can cash out the remaining part of budget at the end of every month or they can put it toward other company benefits.

The result of such a shift? A fleet based on mobility, for real flexibility and efficiency. In this new mobility perspective, sustainable travel is promoted and even encouraged to employees, not only those who have a company car but all of them.

The shift toward “mobility management” is driving fleet decision makers to adopt a number of new skills and processes, and could require new partnerships with technology providers that specialize in fleet mobility. But how to make this mobility shift a reality if employees are not taken on-board of the project? Fleet Managers also have to “sell” the concept to employees and luckily, they can count on the numerous benefits of mobility that employees are very likely to embrace.


1. More Time

Mobility can enhance the productivity of your employees, by allowing them to choose the fastest possible mode of transport, freeing up more hours to use for work or for personal activities. And if they choose to travel by train or bus instead of car, it is even more extra time to do work or catch up on texts or email while in transit!


2. More Freedom

A monthly mobility budget can be useful for more than simply travelling from Point A to Point B. Employees might prefer to spend less of their monthly budget in transportation, be it cars, planes and trains, and rather spend this budget into hotel rooms, meals, entertainment and gifts.


3. More Green

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is not the most efficient fleet-management model anymore, particularly when those cars are only driven from times to times. In a company embracing mobility, employees can take responsibility for their own carbon footprint. Mobility is offering those employees the choice of the most sustainable transportation option available. For example, they can decide to reduce travel when possible: instead of flying out of town for a meeting, teleconferencing.


To conclude, the path is still long before we reach the true new mobility. It surely presents new challenges for fleet management, as traditional compensations and benefits models needs to be re-thought and re-designed. But even more certainly it can be an easy sell for cash and eco-conscious drivers.


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